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The Best Albums Of 2009

Everyone’s gotta have a list, right? Well, we critics for The A.V. Club were given the opportunity to write on any of our personal favorites that didn’t make the publication’s official countdown. Despite the presence of Fall Out Boy on said countdown, it was assembled democratically, with each critic having received 100 points to distribute as she/he saw fit on up to 15 records (with no more than 15 points for any single album).

The individual ballots have been published, and this link goes directly to mine, which includes writeups on game-changers like Neon Indian and Fool’s Gold, overlooked moments of greatness from DM Stith, Wallpaper, and Themselves, quieter things like Tiny Vipers, and creepy stuff like Fever Ray (plus a few others).

DM Stith, 'Heavy Ghost'

Roundup: Flying Lotus Leaks, Fool’s Gold + Mariah, Anticon, Nite Jewel + Stones Throw

Quick bloggy bits* from around the L.A. underground (and up).

  1. Flying Lotus Leaks New Songs, Lil Wayne Remix
  2. Fool’s Gold & Mariah Carey – Love at First Screech (MP3)
  3. Indie Rap, Live Comedy & Short Films, Oh My! Anticon Hosts A/V Event at Crane’s Tonight (MP3)
  4. Nite Jewel Plays Free Show Tonight, Leaks New Song, Signs To Stones Throw?! (MP3s)
  5. (all stories via West Coast Sound, via LA Weekly)

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The Scenesters Featured On The A.V. Club

Todd Berger, a good friend and the director/star of The Scenesters (which I supervised, musically speaking), was recently interviewed over at The A.V. Club. I actually had nothing to do with setting this up — the movie’s been generating considerable buzz on the festival circuit — but the shout-out in the opening paragraph doesn’t hurt none. Among the numerous bands featured in the film: The Franks, The Sonics, American Watercolor Movement, Tobacco, Thee More Shallows, Gavin Castleton, Wallpaper, Le Switch, The Cribs, Barr, Her Space Holiday, Fog and The Airborne Toxic Event.

Screening info here.

Wallpaper Lands Fantastic SF Weekly Cover Story By Music Editor Jennifer Maerz

Apologies for an excessive amount of Wallpaper coverage, but what’s a blog for if you can’t get personal from time to time? Eric Frederic, the main brain at the center of the Wallpaper duo (as well as the Facing New York project), is one of my dearest friends. I’m not positive about this, but I do believe I was at his first band’s first ever show, at a small Pinole bakery down the street from our high school. He’s been an incredible writer of music since before we met, and as often happens with true talent, success by a grand societal scale has always just eluded his work. But there’s change in the air, and hard work does yield results, and those results taste all the sweeter if they had to age a little bit along the way. Please click here to read an exceptionally spot-on piece written by SF Weekly‘s music editor, Jennifer Maerz, on the occasion of the release of Wallpaper’s debut LP, the lovingly titled Doodoo Face.

Check out previous entries on Wallpaper here.

INCHES008: New Wax from The Doors, WHY?, Wallpaper, Dâm-Funk (+ MP3s, video, chart)

Eight weeks straight of original photos, MP3s, videos, charts, reviews of L.A. music, and, most importantly, gorgeous vinyl. INCHES008 has arrived, featuring a killer box from The Doors (Rhino Records), a great new album from WHY? (Anticon), some interactive cover art from Wallpaper on the duo’s debut full-length (Eenie Meenie), and a 7-inch that captures Dâm-Funk as a youngin (Stones Throw). Dig in!

Wallpapers Doodoo Face, modeled by Andre Hyland

Wallpaper's "Doodoo Face," modeled by Andre Hyland (Blond Chili)

Wallpaper’s Doodoo Face out TODAY!

It’s true. The long-awaited full-length debut has arrived, and it slays. Here’s a little behind the scenes.

Wallpaper’s Doodoo Face is available on CD and limited LP here. Spread the word. Spread the Doo.

Wallpaper Debuts New Video: “I’ve Got Soul, I’m So Wasted” (from upcoming Doodoo Face LP)

‘Nuff said? Directed by Jason Zada.

From Wallpaper‘s upcoming album debut, Doodoo Face.

Cult Bit: Mae Shi + drama = “Pool Party”

In this piece (via LA Weekly), you can download a fresh, new summer jam (“Pool Party”) co-authored by The Mae Shi’s Jacob Safari, Wallpaper and Kid Static, while simultaneously catching up on a little local indie scene gossip. Sounds like the perfect Hump Day cocktail, no?

Feature: Anatomy Of A Web Hit (w/ Wallpaper)

I recently published a piece (via LA Weekly) detailing, blow-by-blow, the way in which Wallpaper’s Eric Frederic, helped by a cadre of rabid friends (myself included), took his latest remix incredibly viral. Which remix? Why the one in which he AutoTunes Jay-Z, of course. Read the new article here.

And watch this too:

Cult Bit: Wallpaper. AutoTunes Jay-Z

It’s my honor to introduce a furiously banging track by my dear friends in Oakland-based duo Wallpaper. This thing should be viral soon enough, but for now, you can stream it and download (by right-clicking) below.

Jay-Z & Wallpaper. – “D.O.A. + 99 Problems (Wallpaper. Remix)”

Now the backstory: Jay-Z recently contributed his piece to the raging (har har) international debate over the blatant overuse of AutoTune in radio pop. Essentially hopping on an already existing meme, he named his track “D.O.A. (Death Of Autotune)” — co-produced, ironically, by one of the fad’s biggest abusers, Kanye West — and caused a stir with the lyric, “This is anti-AutoTune / Death of the ringtone / This ain’t for iTunes / This ain’t for sing-along.”

Here, Wallpaper., a group that’s used AutoTune as an instrument since early 2005 (that’s pre-T-Pain, for those taking notes), repurposes that lyric for a very singable, digitally modified hook. The somewhat brillaint ironic appropriation doesn’t end there, however. The meat of the track comes from Jay’s monstrous 2004 hit, “99 Problems,” which leads to this rather astute line from Wallpaper vocalist Ricky Reed: “I’ve got 99 problems but my pitch ain’t one.”

Oh, and did I mentioned that Jay’s voice is AutoTuned throughout?