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Is Prince Royce Latin Pop’s Next Crossover King?


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Music is weird. Meet Prince Royce, a huge star in the Spanish-language market now eyeing crossover success with English-speaking audiences. The thing is, he was born in N.Y.C. Spanish is his second language. English is Royce’s mother tongue, but career-wise, he’s starting from scratch. Well, unless you count that Snoop Dogg collaboration below and the army of label handlers stressing over his every move. Somehow, they let me go to vocal lessons with the guy.

The Best of Coachella 2012 Weekend One: M83, Jeff Mangum, Hologram Tupac, Refused, A$AP Rocky, At the Drive-In, Death Grips, Azealia Banks and more…

It was Aural Standards’ ninth Coachella (and tenth, counting Weekend Two), but it may have been our most memorable yet. While Sacramento’s Death Grips left a deep, seeping impression in our minds (boot-shaped) and Hologram Tupac enjoys a second life as a lasting meme, it was the reunions that did us in. Neutral Milk Hotel’s In the Aeroplane Over the Sea and Refused’s The Shape of Punk to Come are two of our favorite albums of all time (At the Drive-In’s Relationship of Command flies high on that list as well), but never did we imagine we’d witness those songs performed live by the folks who actually made ’em (NMH auteur Jeff Mangum was billed as a solo act). Cheers to the folks at Goldenvoice for throwing scads of money at the problem until it resolved itself. Here are our five faves from each of the first three days. Below is a list of what we covered with excerpted bits. Click on the DAY to read full reviews at SPIN.

1. Refused: thick, primal slabs of punk that seemed to rattle the scaffolding…
2. Death Grips: Run DMC meets Aerosmith, cranked on incredibly foul PCP…
3. M83: doors opening infinitely to bigger and bigger doors, a galactic gasp…
4. Frank Ocean: for the line about Coachella, the screams were deafening…
5. The Rapture: rogue groups of get-down circles spilling from the sides…

1. Jeff Mangum: he opened his mouth and for 50 minutes, we were his…
2. Flying Lotus:  a wild genre-crushing journey, heady but head-knocking…
3. Black Lips:  Cole dropped trou and executed a searing solo with, well…
4. Azealia Banks: fast-rapping and boasting over minimal sub-bass rumble…
5. A$AP Rocky:  a perfect storm of N.W.A., Public Enemy and Bone Thugs…

1. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg: who rose from below the stage but Tupac himself…
2. At the Drive-In: a high-octane inferno of post-hardcore mania…
3. AraabMUZIK: conducting a symphony of melody, effects and percussion…
4. Le Butcherettes: she ran out into the field, arms out like an airplane…
5. Gotye: the massive human traffic jam stretched 50 yards in every direction…

Tomorrow, we get caught up with Weekend Two.

Gone Festivalling: Coachella 2012

Coachella Weekend One begins TODAY! Aural Standards will be silent through the big hoopla, but I’ll be reporting on all that glorious madness over at SPIN.

Two Doggs, One Bowl: Snoop and Wiz Get High

In hindsight, might’ve been a tad generous with the grade. Read at the A.V. Club.

Besto 2010: Gorillaz are Spin’s Live Act of the Year (Plus, Damon and Jamie on their Circus)

Damon Albarn FTW. A lifer makes a masterwork.

Had the pleasure of witnessing the Gorillaz circus when it came to town back in October and among what must be close to a thousand concerts witnessed, this one is now permanently lodged in my personal top five. No joke. Damon Albarn has done something magical with music (and a huge effing budget). I had the added pleasure of speaking with him and his Gorillaz cohort Jamie Hewlett for Spin’s year-end cov’g. Here’s an excerpt:

“It’s like a juggernaut once it starts,” says Damon Albarn. The peculiar pop project he and illustrator Jamie Hewlett founded 12 years ago in a shared London flat has grown from a virtual band of comic-book characters to a traveling spectacle of Barnumesque proportions. “There’s no stopping it,” says Albarn. “The magic is in the way it mesmerizes, brings you into its world.

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News: Boyz Noize RMXs Chemical Brothers, MEDcal Marijuana, Snoop & Quazedelic, New Baths Video Channels Princess Mononoke

Boyz Noize remixes the Chemical Brothers' "Swoon"

Quick bloggy bits from around the L.A. underground (and up). Share ’em.

  1. FEATURED: Boyz Noize Remixes Chemical Brothers on ‘Swoon’*
  2. Oxnard Rapper MED Celebrates His Medical Pot Card in New Video
  3. MP3: Snoop Dogg & Quazedelic Shout Out the Güeros in New Song
  4. Baths Meets Mononoke in Samurai-Feat Vid for ‘Lovely Bloodflow’

* “The Chems have gotten noisier on their new album, but one of the smoother tracks is first single “Swoon.” Apologies, but this is not an electro megamix of the 2009 album by Silversun Pickups.”

(all stories via West Coast Sound, via L.A. Weekly)

News Roundup: Franz vs. Foot, Elvis Perkins, Free Languis LP, Mayer RMXs Snoop, El Guincho

El Guincho rides again.

Quick bloggy bits* from around the L.A. underground (and up).

  1. WTF: Did Franz Ferdinand Rip-Off L.A. Band Foot Village?!
  2. Elvis Perkins Plays Surprise Gig in Echo Park, Gallery 2023 Closes
  3. Dream-Poppers Languis Release Free Album, ‘Higher Hell’ [MP3]
  4. Snoop Dogg + Mayer Hawthorne Bromance, Pt. 3: The Remix
  5. Watch: The Amazing El Guincho Plays in Rainforest [MP3]
  6. (all stories via West Coast Sound, via LA Weekly)

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