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Feature: Ambient Beatsmith Matthewdavid’s ‘Outmind’ Tells the Story of his L.A. Experience

Matthewdavid at home with amidst his machines.

It was an honor to shed some light on one of the hardest working L.A. music-makers that I know, the inimitable and truly interstellar Matthewdavid.

It was a balmy spring afternoon and the day’s woozy effect seemed magnified within the cozy, white, hillside backhouse in Highland Park. Through an open window, sunlight and breeze streamed into the home recording studio of Matthew McQueen, a.k.a. Matthewdavid, who at 26 has amassed a laundry-list of extant titles: artist, engineer, label head, local promoter, radio host/DJ, digital content manager and, in his words, “interstellar cross-collaborator” …

Read the entire article, a true labor of love, over at the L.A. Times.

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Tonight: Dublab’s Top Tape at Hyperion Tavern (Aural Standards Spinning Cassettes)

The official Aural Standards cassette rig (click for full view).

It’s going down at the Hyperion Tavern in Silver Lake tonight. Dublab’s Top Tape monthly starts at 10 p.m., and the DJ (CJ?) list is strictly sign-up. All cassettes, all night. It’s usually a mix of East Side music-makers (folks like Sun Araw, Matthewdavid, Walter Gross, Speculator, Jon Wayne and, on occasion, Money Mark) and wannabes like me, spooling out the sludgy, time-warped jams for all to enjoy. Ever hear “Kiss From a Rose” on Promethazine? Try it.

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L.A. Upcoming: Seu Jorge, Earthless with Dead Meadows, Childish Gambino, Jogger Plus Sun Araw and Matthewdavid

A list of recommended L.A.-area shows for the coming week (plus clips for instant gratification). Click “details” for descriptions. More after the jump.

  • Region: Downtown
    Music: Seu Jorge
    Vitals: Club Nokia on Saturday, Aug. 14
    (details at L.A. Weekly)

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    Compton Hype HOPE, Hawthorne Joins Nottz, Lotus RMXs Some Soul, Sumsun RMXs McClure

    Compton's buzzing on HOPE

    Quick blog bits from around the L.A. underground (and up). Share ’em.

    1. FEATURED: Is Rapper HOPE Compton’s Next Big Hype?*
    2. Mayer Hawthorne Hooks Up with Beat-Maker Nottz
    3. MP3: Soul Chanteuse Remixed by Flying Lotus, Mount Kimbie
    4. Beat-Waver Sumsun Remixes Alpha Pup’s Oscar McClure

    (all stories via West Coast Sound, via L.A. Weekly)

    * In the just-out music video for the new H.O.P.E. track, “Bliss,” our unlikely hero has his lights turned out as a result of insufficient funds. Still, he’s got the skills to pay the bills.

    Mayer Hawthorne Hooks Up with Virginia Beat-Maker Nottz, Drops Etched 12-Inch for ‘I Need You’

    News: R Kelly Meets Baths, Hawthorne Covers Johnston, VOICEsVOICEs Video, and more

    Baths and R Kelly get their wrassle on.

    Quick bloggy bits from around the L.A. underground (and up). Share ’em.

    1. FEATURED: R Kelly Croons Over Baths’ ‘Maximalist’*
    2. MP3: Mayer Hawthorne Covers Daniel Johnston
    3. VOICEsVOICEs Share Creepy New Video for ‘Flulyk Visions’
    4. MP3: Beat Music Meets Chillwave on Veux’s ‘Late Key’
    5. MP3 Exclusive: Night Horse Resurrects Thin Lizzy with ‘Rollin’ On’
    6. L.A.’s Answer to Cannibal Ox? Meet K-The-I and Michael Nhat
    7. (all stories via West Coast Sound, via LA Weekly)

    * “Hot doesn’t begin to describe what happens here.”

    INCHES Reviews Found Sounds and Beat Music from Take and Matthewdavid [MP3]

    Take and Matthewdavid's All City Records split

    Hello! Come one come all. Tune in and drop out of the daily grind with the sweet, sweet sounds of L.A. residents Take and Matthewdavid. These beat scene regulars have come together to share two sides of a sorely limited 10-inch platter that’s a must own for fans of progressive electronic fare.

    Dig in to the latest installment of INCHES here.

    News Roundup: FlyLo Announces Live Band, Dublab Launches Weekly, Liars and more…

    Flying Lotus contemplates world domination.

    Quick bloggy bits from around the L.A. underground (and up). Share ’em.

    1. FEATURED: Lotus Announces Live Band, Release Shows*
    2. Dublab Takes Over Fridays at Hyperion Tavern
    3. Watch: Liars Debut Psych-Thriller Vid for L.A. Anti-Anthem
    4. Learning Music Kicks Off Third Free Album-A-Month Series
    5. MP3 Exclusive: Pollyn Covers ‘Tom’s Diner’ by S. Vega
    6. (all stories via West Coast Sound, via LA Weekly)

    * “We’re trying to make people levitate. You won’t know where the floor is.” — Daddy Kev