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We Watch EMA Pitch a Tent at Bonnaroo!

Get yr mind outta the gutter, kids! We’re talking about camping out under the stars in Manchester, Tennessee. Former L.A. local Erika M. Anderson took SPIN on a guided tour of her band’s informal lodging for the festival. Did we say “guided tour”? We meant genuine Bonnaroo beer-and-bandminton party.Β  Shot by the talented Ysa PΓ©rez. Cameo by Jesse Turbo of Vurt Vile’s Violators.

Live Review: Manimal Festival Fights Through Bitter Cold to Triumph (Mostly)

Last weekend L.A. indie label Manimal Vinyl threw a big bash in the high desert — specifically at Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace, in the shadows of some bizarre rock piles (natural) and an authentic Western town (not so natural). Do read about it here (via LA Weekly), and just be glad that you can experience the freezing cold vicariously. Check the tags to see who played.


Fool's Gold was there with bells on.