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The Best Karaoke Bars in Los Angeles

Wrote about our favorite place to get cross-eyed, leap on a buddy’s back and sing Hall & Oates like it hasn’t already gone out of style (but is, in fact, in the act thereof). Lots of fun text from the LA Weekly team. Read here. Happy Friday.


Saw the Lights of the Goodyear Blimp and It Read, ‘Ice Cube is a Gangsta Sophisticate’

The Internet had a lot to say about Ice Cube’s recent team-up with Eames in honor of the ongoing Pacific Standard Time project here in Los Angeles. Turns out we were all just waiting for an excuse to celebrate the dude again. Wrote a little something for the LA Weekly on a whim. Check it. (Even though, with due respect, my E-40 shout-out was omitted by the editor.)

Eight of the Coolest, Weirdest, Rarest Pieces of Radiohead Swag (in Honor of ‘The Universal Sigh’)

Radiohead's free newspaper comes to Silver Lake.

Radiohead gives out their new free newspaper The Universal Sigh in Silver Lake today. I’ll be there with all the other unwashed, yet well-fed locals looking for a handout. You should come to. But first, bone up on the Radiohead swag of yore, from puzzles to stencils, floppy discs to Walkmen. Check it out via L.A. Weekly.

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Q&A: ‘Sober People Scare the Shit Out of Me,’ with Emil Amos of Holy Sons (+ Grails, Om)

Emil Amos of Holy Sons on Joni Mitchell, diamond thieves and LSD.

Under normal circumstances, a headline like that would say it all. In this case, Emil Amos of Holy Sons (plus Grails, Om, and Jandek) also speaks on his father’s role in facilitating a fling between Joni Mitchell and a diamond thief, about Carl Jung and Carl Sagan,Β  survivalism, and his former (?) addiction to LSD and other unnamed intoxicants. Haven’t heard Holy Sons? Brush up via video below.

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Underground Rap Takes on Gabriel Giffords Shooting, Tea Party Hate, Antoine Dodson

Sole, a.k.a. Tim Holland, rages amidst angry tea partiers.

Is it just me or is smart rap getting pissy these days? There’s something in the water east of California, I’m convinced, because Isaiah Toothtaker and his Tuscon, AZ, cohorts are whipping up some dastardly, devilish rhymes. And Big Sole, formerly of Anticon, is out in Denver, churning out what may prove to be the most fiery, on-point agit-prop rap of the new century. I had the pleasure of debuting a couple of videos from these dudes.

First, check out “White Rage,” by Sole and featuring a glorious sermon by the one and only Evangelist J.B. Best (a.k.a. Pedestrian). Then, watch the menacing clip from the Toothtaker, co-directed by Walter Gross.

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Live: Wavves and Best Coast Thrash for Love

Nathan Williams shreds from the crowd. (Andrew Herrold)

The totally freaking awesome Wavves and Best Coast co-headlining tour hits Los Angeles tonight at the Music Box. I had the pleasure of trucking down to San Diego to cover the first night of the thing back in January. You should go to this. Really. Read why via Spin.

Also, hop over to LA Weekly to download a new, free Wavves song about how much the dude loves his TV. We didn’t dub him “King Skinny Shitster” for nathan. Er, nothin’. Put down the bong, Miley …

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Feature: Godspeed You! Black Emperor Saves Us from Glenn Beck, Endears Us to Doom

Godspeed You! Black Emperor, armed for the coming battle.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor are performing tonight (Wednesday) at the Music Box. Sneak in if you don’t already have tix. This was a fun one to write. Part essay, part report on the state of post-rock’s greatest band. Plus, everyone’s favorite arch-conservative blowhard, Glenn Beck, makes a cameo. What more could you want out of an alt-weekly article?

Read: With Godspeed on Our Side (via LA Weekly)

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