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On Eating at LAX and the Future of Coffee



Look ma, I’m a food blogger now! Been putting in a lil work over at Los Angeles Magazine grub hub “The Digest.” My most recent adventure: the fine folks over at LAX treated me and a bunch of other, ahem, tastemakers to a fine dining experience at, yes, the airport. Turns out writing about food involves binge-eating at high speeds. Also, tiny freaking cupcakes and Wayne Gretzky wine.

But before that, I hit up CoffeCon 2014 and got super-jacked on third wave brew. You’ve heard of #HotTips? Well, here are some #HotSips about the future of joe.

New on Aural Standards: Vinyl Porn

Flying Lotus' "L.A. EP 3 X 3" (Warp)

The L.A. Weekly INCHES column may be on permanent hiatus, but the images live on. Check out the new addition to Aural Standards, dubbed Vinyl Porn.

INCHES Reviews Two Slabs of Stone-Cold ’80s Funk from Tony Cook, ft. Dâm-Funk

"What's on Your Mind," ft. Dâm-Funk and "Video Rock" by Tony Cook

“The thing you need to understand about The Funk, is that once one discovers the need for it, one’s gotta have The Funk pretty much at all times and in every form possible. Roofs of houses and clubs alike have burned as a result of this phenomenon, while onlookers either idly stand by in Funk-inspired negligence or actually chant, seemingly celebrating the loss of another property at the hands of The Funk.”

Photos and Mp3s and charts, oh my! Get over to INCHES!

INCHES reviews a Hanni El Khatib 45, Think Black Keys + Shangri-Las

Hanni El Khatib = Black Keys + Shangri-Las on "Dead Wrong" (Chris Martins)

“These two songs suggest a real mastery of a long-lost craft. It stands up in the face of modern day girl-group remakes and indie blues duos alike, and hints at a highly promising full-length to come.”

A photo! Streaming tunes! A review! A chart! Get over to INCHES!

INCHES Reviews Portland’s Prids Spin on Shoegaze on ‘Chronosynciastic,’ for Velvet Blue

The Prids, 'Chronosynciastic'

“Portland’s the Prids have weathered both an in-band divorce and, in 2008, a nearly fatal touring accident, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that ‘Chronosynclastic‘ sounds like catharsis.”

A photo! A free MP3! A review! A chart! Get over to INCHES!

INCHES Reviews Sister Mantos’ Lo-Fi Mutant Disco, ‘Tough Love,’ Out on Manimal

Sister Mantos, "Tough Love or the Fands of Hate"

New tunes in the INCHES column! Fantastic fuchsia wax was photographed! A free song offered up for the jeep! Top ten vinyl sales chart shared by Vacation Vinyl! Plus, music critique-ry! Get over there already!

INCHES Reviews Mini Mansion’s cover of Blondie with Vintage Psych-Pop

Mini Mansions

New tunes in the INCHES column! Get over there already!