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Jack Black Acts Hard, Rocks Harder


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As part of their “Double Threats” cover storyBillboard had me chat with Jack Black. It’s only a shame they couldn’t run the whole transcript. I mean, he told me how to cure cancer, end war, and beat all video games by merely stroking a guitar, but I guess that kinda stuff doesn’t really translate to the page. Next time.

SXSW 2015 Interviews: Talks With a Foo Fighter (Nate Mendel), an Avid Dancer, and Mew



I banked a bunch of mini live reviews for Diffuser down in Austin for SXSW, but I also had a few conversations. Interviewed Avid Dancer’s Jacob Summers about the marines, drumming, and Christian rock. Chatted with the men of Mew about their long hiatus and new album. And talked to Foo Fighters bassist Nate Mendel about his new band Lieutenant (plus Sunny Day Real Estate, and Dave Grohl).

Me and Coolio Down by the Schoolyard

Coolio SPIN Chris Martins West Side


My final act as a SPIN staffer was to lock myself, photographer Nathaniel Wood, and a fella named Coolio in a small conference room with a laptop fulla hit songs from 1994 — the very same year that gave us “Fantastic Voyage,” of course. We played a hybridized game of “jukebox jury” and “name that tune,” and Coolio shared some wild memories about 2Pac, Nirvana, ICP, and Boyz II Men.

I learned: how slow-dancing really works (it involves a monkey!)
I caught: a case of “kneemonia,” which is apparently transmissible

Talking Tunes With Aaron Paul and Rose McGowan


We went to Sundance for SPIN again this year and seriously stepped up our game. While, yes, that included bringing footwear that was actually waterproof (har har), it also means that instead of merely reviewing a snowplow’s worth of films, we also conducted a couple of interviews. There was the chat with Dawn director Rose McGowan in which she admitted to having a habit of hiring brass bands while stoned. And then there was the sit-down with Aaron Paul — we have more photographic proof — who talked about touring with Radiohead. Oh, and each shared a go-to karaoke jam or two. Join us for “Listening In.”

An Interview With Toro y Moi’s Chaz Bundick


One of our favorite young music-making weirdos of the past five years is Chaz Bundick — a dude better known as Les Sins and best known as Toro y Moi. Befitting his chosen aliases, he’s a musical polyglot, weaving psych-rock and summery pop into rap beats and dance pulse. Unsurprisingly, Bundick is a sharp guy with a sweet disposition, as we learned first hand upon sitting down with him at a coffee shop across from the SPIN offices in Hollywood. Read here:

Done? Have some B-sides:

Watch: Liza Oppenheimer Channels ‘Midnight Cowboy’ in Music Video for ‘Los Angeles’

We here at Aural Standards are particularly partial to songs about our city, and “Los Angeles” by friend-of-the-blog Liza Oppenheimer is a new fave. We’ve also got a certain affinity for all (er, most) things Dustin Hoffman, so upon learning that the Dee Robertson-directed video for this folksy jangler would pay a little tribute to Midnight Cowboy, well, we were elated. Check out the clip below, and then learn a little more from Liza after the jump.

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Wallpaper. Makes the Internet Choke on Own Vomit via NSFW Lyric Video for “Puke My Brains Out”

Yes yes yes yes. A video that includes 3-D avatars having acrobatic sex. A song that includes the words “gotta get my brains outside of my face.” An interview that hinges upon terms like “vintage internet,” “sea punk” and “ayahuasca,” plus includes the following choice quote: “If you think you’ve seen the dark side of the internet, you haven’t seen shit until you’re on the porn message board circuit trying to figure out how to make 3-D figures fuck.” Loyal readers know Aural Standards has been backing Wallpaper since the VERY BEGINNING, so we’re pumped to have this up on the SPIN homepage right now. #tehinternetz

This is NOT the video in question, but also involves creative use of upchuck: