SXSW 2011 Day 2: Wu-Tang Clan, Prince Rama, Gary Wilson, B-Boys and Violins, more

Odd Future, because this is what a Wu show should look like. (Ian Witlen)

On the second day of SXSW, my true love gave to me, five-eights of Wu-Tang, two dirty hippies, and a freeeeak with a bag on his head. Day One was an absolutely ecstatic experience for me, but Day Two got me a lil bummed. First, in discovering how obnoxious Prince Rama apparently is live (despite being pretty swell on record). Second, in waiting no less than two hours to watch the Wu-Tang Clan perform to positively “meh” results. Three, in seeing a kid get hit by a car, then scamper wounded into the night on the bank of the Colorado River. It was his fault, but that didn’t keep the event from being a shocking collision with reality. But it wasn’t all bad:

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