Talking TV on the Radio on the Radio



I’ll say it. I’m bad at sharing. Here at least. I’m better in the real world, if the radio counts as that. Every three weeks I drop by KPCC to shed light on a couple of new albums of note. TV on the Radio’s Seeds was a no brainer for Tuesday’s session — it’s a fine release, and I’d just written a weird and lengthy SPIN cover story in its honor. I can’t bring myself to listen to these things after I do ‘em, so if you see me around, lie and say I sounded good. I also spoke about French A/V wizard Mr. Oizo (shout-out Brainfeeder) and cracked Nick Jonas jokes.

First time using this player, but if it works, I’ll start adding older KPCC bits:

TV on the Radio on the SPIN Cover



They’ve been my favorite living band since I heard the Young Liars EP in the old Filter offices back in 2003 (shout-out Wired‘s Steven Leckart for passing me the promo back then) and I’ve spilled ink on them for just about every release since. This week, TV on the Radio and I reunite for a SPIN cover story that’s all about growing up. No, that sounds boring. It’s actually about being unafraid to don Bermuda shorts and grin at a roiling sea made of pure liquid fear. Yeah, shit gets surreal somewhere between the Cheech & Chong reference and the Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance citation, and Kyp Malone makes a couple of ace semen jokes along the way. The new album is called Seeds, after all.

I learned: the thing at the front of the train is called a cowcatcher
I made up: Schrödinger’s Fifth Beatle,” in honor of Gerard Smith

Fearing & Loathing Music’s Biggest Awards Nights


Whatever you think “going to the Grammys” means, we guarantee you it’s far less glamorous and far more bizarre than what you’re imagining. At least for most of the press, who sit in small room adjacent to the ceremony, watching the thing on TVs and praying that a famous person will make a wrong turn and wind up on our measly little stage with a microphone miraculously in hand.

And it’s not just “Music’s Biggest Night.” In the awards season bridging 2012 to 2013, we attended the MTV Video Music Awards, the American Music Awards, and, yes, the Grammys, and our surreal behind-the-scenes experience wound up the stuff of an unexpected trilogy. In 2014, we returned to the Grammys just to make sure its was still weird (spoiler alert: it was). Here’s everything.

Talking Tunes With Aaron Paul and Rose McGowan


We went to Sundance for SPIN again this year and seriously stepped up our game. While, yes, that included bringing footwear that was actually waterproof (har har), it also means that instead of merely reviewing a snowplow’s worth of films, we also conducted a couple of interviews. There was the chat with Dawn director Rose McGowan in which she admitted to having a habit of hiring brass bands while stoned. And then there was the sit-down with Aaron Paul — we have more photographic proof — who talked about touring with Radiohead. Oh, and each shared a go-to karaoke jam or two. Join us for “Listening In.”

Holy Ship 2014: High With Skrillex on the High Seas

Skrillex at Holy Ship!! with Tiesto and Zedd

We went on a rave cruise and it was ridiculous. For your vicarious enjoyment (not ours, no, of course not) we left from Miami on January 9 and returned three days later, stopping along the way at two private Bahamian islands for beach parties featuring the likes of Diplo, Chromeo, Disclosure, and Duck Sauce. There were also a ton of skull-drilling EDM performances experienced within the hull of a mega-ship. And 4,000 fellow revelers. And a never-ending pizza buffet. And that time Skrillex smoked us out onstage while Pharrell performed two feet away.

Travel with us below:

Fancy New Landing Page

It’s just better this way. Meanwhile:

An Interview With Toro y Moi’s Chaz Bundick


One of our favorite young music-making weirdos of the past five years is Chaz Bundick — a dude better known as Les Sins and best known as Toro y Moi. Befitting his chosen aliases, he’s a musical polyglot, weaving psych-rock and summery pop into rap beats and dance pulse. Unsurprisingly, Bundick is a sharp guy with a sweet disposition, as we learned first hand upon sitting down with him at a coffee shop across from the SPIN offices in Hollywood. Read here:

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