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Chris Martins, writer and editor, Bonnaroo 2011

Chris Martins — writer, editor, beer contemplator.

Here is a bio: The dude you see above is a Los Angeles culture journalist and music newsman. Most recently Senior Writer and News Editor at SPIN, he’s profiled subjects ranging from Odd Future to Elvis Costello, Dustin Hoffman to Dave Grohl, and once did the Humpty Dance with Digital Underground. Martins is a devoted festival-goer, seasoned record-reviewer, occasional music supervisor (Oscilloscope’s It’s a Disaster), and a contributing critic to his hometown NPR member station, KPCC. The former editor-in-chief of Filter and a USC Annenberg School of Journalism grad, his work has appeared in Los Angeles Times, A.V. Club, GOOD, LA Weekly, Flaunt, Playboy, Wax Poetics, New York Magazine, and Los Angeles, among others. He lives in Silver Lake, has been known to DJ tapes, rides a sweet motorcycle, and makes a mean pour-over.

And an email: chris[dot]martins[dot]writes[at]gmail[dot]com

Here’s a list of 15 #relevant things he’s done:

  1. Blogged about everything all the time
  2. Put music in a movie starring David Cross
  3. Amassed 100+ New Jack Swing cassingles
  4. Did the VMAs, AMAs, and Grammys in a row
  5. Photographed vinyl porn (not what u think)
  6. Talked on the radio a whole bunch (still do)
  7. Did a SPIN cover about the nicest guy in music
  8. Got a tattoo inspired by a rad Y△CHT album
  9. Became a Sundance film critic for a week, twice
  10. Wore Humpty Hump’s famous nose and specs
  11. Got a letter from Fiona Apple, via Questlove
  12. Booked Wavves for a Comedy Central pilot
  13. Met a cool dog famous for standing on things
  14. Helped make a magazine you’ve maybe seen
  15. Played real didgeridoo in a super fake band

Places he’s been URL: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Places he’s been IRL: Guatemala, Denmark, Australia, Belize, England, Spain, New Zealand, Mexico, Sweden, etc.

Here’s some sexy music, because you deserve it:

                   “Music To… Freak To” blend by Superhumanoids, a fine Los Angeles band

Why Aural Standards?

Because moral standards are somebody else’s problem. Stay gold or go home. Actually, go here.

*photo by Ian Witlen, whom you should hire